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Leather & Jewellery Care

Leather care:

Leather is a natural material and is therefore unique from hide to hide. Irregularities are an inherent part of the beauty of leather, both in colour and natural grains, these should not be considered faults but part of the individual character of each piece. Changes in the colour and signs of wear will occur with normal use.

If treated with care your SUEDE by devina juneja bag will last for many years.

Prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause the colour of your bag to fade. When not in use we advise you store your bag out of direct sunlight and in a cool dry place in the dust cover provided.

Due to the special natural tanning process, which gives devina juneja bags their soft finish some colour transfer may occur and water spotting may happen if exposed to rain.

Please avoid using your bag in heavy downpours. Should it get very wet simply wipe off any excess water and allow to dry naturally in a warm room. Do not place the bag directly onto a source of heat like a radiator as this may cause it to crack.

Be careful of colour transfer onto the bag from dark coloured clothing, denim is well known for this. Vice versa highly coloured bag dyes may transfer onto light clothing.

Small scratches can be removed by rubbing them gently with your finger, as the natural oils on your hands will work into the leather. For other marks try lightly rubbing with a clean eraser.

Oil, grease and ink are virtually impossible to remove, please don’t leave pens or make up loose in your bag. Deal with any stains that occur as soon as possible by wiping with a soft dry or slightly damp cloth. For larger stains refer to a specialist leather cleaner.

You may choose to care for your leather bag as with other leather products using an appropriate protector. Please remember to test any product on an unobtrusive section of your bag beforehand. Use of a protector may effect the soft natural hand feel of your bag.

Please note that we cannot be held liable for any damage that is caused to a bag after a cream or oil has been applied by yourself, and we cannot refund or exchange a bag that has had such a treatment applied.

When not in use, stuff your bag with tissue/ butter paper to maintain its shape and store it in the dust bag provided.

Jewellery care:

Please follow these simple procedures to preserve your jewellery:

▪ Do not apply perfume/water directly on the jewellery.

▪ Keep away from fire and heat.

▪ Please store the piece individually (and not with other jewellery) in the provided pouch only.

Even though we adhere to the highest quality, certain metals may tarnish due to various reasons like regular wear, high humidity, proximity to heat etc. Should you wish to have your piece re-polished, please feel free to get in touch with us at info@devinajuneja.com